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Helen Robinson’s Presentation on Authentic Collaboration – Collaborative Aotearoa Symposium 2022

Auckland City Missioner Helen Robinson presents on Authentic Collaboration, with a focus on the creation of the HomeGround base and it's interactions, both historic and contemporary, with the Auckland community.


Webinar Presentation - Helen Robinson

Collective Action Within Communities Presentation – Amarjit Maxwell – Symposium 2022

Amarjit Maxwell of Collaborative Aotearoa gives a presentation to the Collaborative Aotearoa Symposium 2022 on Collective Action within Communities.


Presentation Slides - Amarjit Maxwell

Welcome and Opening – Amarjit Maxwell and Mark Liddle – Symposium 2022

Mark Liddle and Amarjit Maxwell present the welcoming and opening to the Collaborative Aotearoa Symposium 2022.

Presentation Slides - Amarjit Maxwell

Webinar | Community Partnership and Engagement | 22nd June 2022

A panel hosted by Kirsten Kyle, in which our panellists Alex Nicholas and Karōria Johns discuss how to authentically engage with communities.

Webinar Slides

Webinar | Centering Equity in Collective Impact | 21 April 2021

Hosted by Amarjit Maxwell, CE Collaborative Aotearoa, we are pleased to bring back Paul Schmitz, beaming in from the US.

A recently published paper, focusing on centering equity and collective impact reflects the evolution in this space. Paul was a crucial partner in the development of this paper and has been working in close proximity to communities who are boldly pursuing equity in their work.

Collective Impact has now been used globally for over 10 years, one of the key learnings has been that it is impossible to get population level change unless you address the disparities. As the Health Sector moves forward in a changing environment with many using and adopting the Collective Impact approach, this topic is well placed to support centering equity in our mahi.

Webinar Slides

Centering Equity in Collective Impact paper

Webinar | Bias in Healthcare | 04 Nov 2021

Exploring bias in healthcare and how to address it.

Led by Irihapeti Mahuika and with our panellists Hemaima Reihana-Tate and Kyle Eggleton we will delve into bias in the health care sector.

Hemaima will introduce the concept of Mauri Ora “The art of breathing life into others experiences”. What happens within ourselves when we make a personal judgement about someone else?

Kyle will describe his journey of self-reflection and how it has impacted the way in which he provides care to patients and their whānau.

Webinar Slides - Kyle Eggleton

Webinar Slides - Hemaima Reihana-Tait

Webinar | Collective Action for Communities – Part 3 | 8 Jun 2021

The Collective Impact approach is already being used with success in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Learn more about the the reality of implementation, the challenges and the benefits for our whānau and communities.

Webinar | Collective Action for Communities – Part 2 | 28 May 2021

Part 2 of the Collective Impact series where we explore and discuss how the framework can be applied in a New Zealand setting. We also hear about how the consumer voice can be used with the move to localities.

Webinar Slides - Kaupapa Paradox

Webinar Slides - Tihei Mauri Ora

Webinar | Collective Action for Communities – Part 1 | 20 May 2021

Learn about the elements that make up a Collective Impact approach. Hear inspiring stories of how collective impact has delivered social change.

Webinar Slides - Collective Impact Introduction

Webinar | Consumer Engagement and Involvement in Primary Care | 29 Apr 2021

Understanding the importance of engaging with consumers in developing and delivering health care services.

Anthony Hill as the keynote speaker will discuss a framework for delivering patient-centred care that includes cultural engagement and involvement. Learn more about partnering with patients and consumers and gathering whanau voice in planning and delivering high quality primary care services.

We will hear examples of how this works in practice, the challenges, the learnings and the benefits of successful consumer engagement and why it matters. Opportunity for questions and answers will be provided.

Webinar Slides - Chadwick co-design

Webinar Slides - Consumer Engagement

Webinar Slides - Te Kete Hauora


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