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Interactive Collective Action with Communities model

Resources and information specific to each characteristic of Collective Action with Communities.

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Leadership, Culture & Iwi Partnerships

Our priority is to honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi and this means partnering with Iwi from the outset. Leadership is not held by a few but is shared across many and it is important to work towards a culture of openness and trust . Again, drawing on whakawhanaungatanga as the heart of this mahi (work)

What matters to whānau/community

Setting a co created vision across multiple organisations within a locality setting requires open collaboration to resolve a common problem(s). The vision is the overarching frame and reason for the collaboration and how the group will work together as well as what will be delivered and held accountable for – it is the WHAT and the WHY for this mahi (work).

Rohe Activity Plan

Creating system change and using the power of the collaboration to shift towards achieving the common vision. This is the plan of action that is agreed upon by the multiple organisations to improve community outcomes for whānau.

Metrics that matter

Use a common set of measures to evaluate performance and track progress toward the common agenda/vision.

Backbone for Change

Dedicated team that drives and guides the mahi (work) forward – supports the co-creation of the common agenda. This team requires diverse skills for example project management, communications and data expertise.

Continuous Engagement

Whakawhanaungatanga (building strong connection through relationships) is the core of this mahi.

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