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Webinar | Centering Equity in Collective Impact | 21 April 2021

Hosted by Amarjit Maxwell, CE Collaborative Aotearoa, we are pleased to bring back Paul Schmitz, beaming in from the US. A recently published paper, focusing on centering equity and collective impact reflects the evolution in this space. Paul was a crucial partner in the development of this paper and has been working in close proximity ...

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Webinar | Bias in Healthcare | 04 Nov 2021

Exploring bias in healthcare and how to address it. Led by Irihapeti Mahuika and with our panellists Hemaima Reihana-Tate and Kyle Eggleton we will delve into bias in the health care sector. Hemaima will introduce the concept of Mauri Ora “The art of breathing life into others experiences”. What happens within ourselves when we make a ...

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